How to Monetize Your Youtube Videos


The options for monetizing your video content is a similar process to monetizing your web pages on a website, you can either sell ads directly to a relevant advertiser, or partner with an ad network that will deliver ads to your audience.

Though the exact earnings opportunity for every video will vary, if your videos are only being viewed under 1,000 times per month, it’s probably not worthwhile to think about a direct advertising relationship and the best way to go would be adsense advertising.


For publishers who have a large video inventory,or a large amount of subscribers for their channel, there are a number of strategies that can be used to make a little money from them. Ideally, you would find a product that you can sell directly, and keep the entire proceeds for yourself.

Video ads are still a relatively new concept for many publishers that are more used to monetizing their web properties through banner advertisements and classified ad websites.

While at the moment the overall spending on video advertising still remains fairly low, it’s still growing significantly each and every year and is expected to carry on climbing long into the foreseeable future.



Why is Design Important to Attract Traffic to Your Website?

As an owner of a web design agency,you need to try to put yourself in a future clients point of view . A business person looking for a web design agency is more than likely hoping to either gain extra business, by way of gaining a high search ranking and get a piece of their local competitors custom, or to show off a particular item and they will want the new website to come up to the mark of their customers expectations .

They will need a way to keep the website updated and most companies try to keep their website as best they can updated “If it isn’t looking good, no one’s buying it”. They will compare different websites of there competitors and they will be expecting to get something a little better for themselves, also they will most likely double-check whats on offer for what price, the looks, the database, the search engine, the homepage etc. Hopefully your website design will surprise them when you finally unveil it to them. If possible add a mobile version of their website to attract the traffic their competitors maybe missing out on.


The one thing to ask yourself is if that if you were looking at the design would you buy it ? By just looking at it, would you  take a decision of hiring the respective agency, if not, why would they ?

In addition to this, see if a Facebook or a Twitter account is appropriate . People are attracted to agencies maintaining a good social profile and constantly tweeting or updating statuses to display more offers and proposals and it is free.

Despite the looks, the users should be happy to use a website that is simple and easy to use. A web designer must keep in mind to make an easy to use website rather than highly prototypical one as the UI/UX of the design shall remain a priority at all times. The simpler the design, the better it will stand out to the public, resulting in increasing your number of customers. Your web design should stand out amongst its competitors, so the simpler the website, the easier it will be to process the information.


The things that make customers lose patience can be broken links, low-resolution pictures, and a website that is slow when it comes to loading and the flow in between pages.

By understanding the psyche of a client, it will help a lot in avoiding a situation where the customer expects something totally different than the design they are probably going to end up with, even if the customers expectations are unrealistic or even wrong its best to try to discuss this straight away and the reasons for your thoughts, but still trying to keep as much of what the customer had in mind in your final plan,  this will help with customer relations and keeping you in the upper echelon by simple and technical techniques. Only choose Steves Designs, web design in Birmingham with style.